The Helsinki O2 Pathway Tool (HO2PT) is a tool that was developed to integrate the Fick principle and Fick’s law of diffusion into a computational system to import, calculate, graphically display, and export variables of the Wagner diagram.


Download HO2PT for your operating system:

Download v1.5 for Windows (57 MB)
Download v1.5 for Linux (68 MB)
Download v1.5 for macOS (65 MB)


Please see chapter “4 Getting started” in the user instructions to get started.
Download user instructions (2 MB)


Rissanen, A. P. E., Mikkola, T., Gagnon, D. D., Lehtonen, E., Lukkarinen, S., & Peltonen, J. E. 2024. Wagner diagram for modeling O2 pathway—calculation and graphical display by the Helsinki O2 Pathway Tool. Physiological Measurement, 45(5), 055028. https://doi.org/10.1088/1361-6579/ad4c36