About the Program



The effects of environmental exposures on physical performance, health, and safety are increasingly recognized and a need for readily available and accessible information has arisen. The newly implemented Environmental Exercise Physiology Program (EP2) gathers Finland’s most prominent experts in environmental exercise physiology, physical performance, sports, and military education and brings critical information on environmental exposures to target groups and the general public. These experts from universities, research institutions, sports academies, and Olympic Training Centres work for three core outcomes:
– To improve athletic success, physical performance, safety, and health of competitive and top athletes, soldiers, fitness enthusiasts, workers, and clinical populations.
– To improve knowledge and access of EP2 across Finland.
– To improve innovation opportunities in the field of environmental exercise physiology.
EP2 FINLAND consists of three work packages ­ — Development, Education, and Research — all integrated comprehensively to deliver state-of-the-art information shared through a wide array of knowledge transfer methods to different populations and their specific needs. Research results, courses, videos, infographics, and guidebooks shared through multiple channels ensure that they are accessible to anyone interested in maximizing the benefits and minimizing the detriments of environmental exposures.
The EP2 FINLAND team welcomes you to explore the available resources and to deepen your understanding of how you can make the environment work for you!